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Our promise: the right product, at the right price, delivered at the right time

Our business is shaped by our passion, and our customers are at the heart of our mission. For us, the customer experience is more than a goal—it’s a corporate priority, simply because GOSSELIN G2 considers each customer to be a valuable partner.

Besides providing potato chips manufacturers with the best possible product, we also offer a range of services that ensure the supply chain is trouble-free and guarantee unmatched peace of mind. You work in a highly competitive market, and raw material procurement is a major everyday challenge that needs to be addressed if you want high-quality, consistent production. GOSSELIN G2 understands your needs and works with you to help you achieve your goals.

Our service offer allows you to receive the best product year-round and to track its level of quality at the warehouse so you can remain focused on the success of your business. Now, you can create value instead of managing shipping problems. GOSSELIN G2 can even provide comprehensive management services for your procurement process. Our 95% punctuality rate stands as proof of our commitment to offering you the best service.

Our quality guarantee is made possible by our integrated business model. We own over 3,000 acres across multiple sites in Quebec. They allow us to grow several varieties, ensuring harvests that surpass your standards of excellence despite any adverse weather conditions.

GOSSELIN G2 has a full spectrum of solutions to guarantee your peace of mind, ranging from complete outsourcing of your supply needs to a simple supply contract for chip potatoes for a specific period.

The GOSSELIN G2 guarantee

Sustainable approach

Our approach is built on sound soil ecosystems and respect for the environment and aims to take advantage of the health of our soils, which all our actions are designed to improve.


GOSSELIN G2 leaves nothing to chance. Our geographical diversification ensures we always meet our volume requirements.

24/7/365 service

GOSSELIN G2 guarantees the uninterrupted availability of its potatoes at all times, even on holidays. Better still, each batch of potatoes is assessed and monitored on a weekly basis to optimize inventory disposal and maximize quality.

Brokerage service

Need additional volume or have too much product for your needs? Put our team to work on your behalf so you can focus on the tasks you want to accomplish.

Document management

So long, paperwork! GOSSELIN G2 provides comprehensive management of shipping documents, ensures regulatory compliance and sends you digital records of everything.

Transport management

Enjoy our increased logistical efficiency without losing control of anything—you can track your shipments from the time they start being loaded until they arrive at your plant.


If your needs change during the year, GOSSELIN G2’s new storage technology provides flexibility and lets you move agreed-upon volumes to other months.

Volume insurance

This option is strategically valuable for those sourcing their raw material from south to north of the American continent. Manage risk by contracting part of your stored potato volume, eliminating the impact of price fluctuations due to adverse weather or difficult negotiations.