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Your business needs GOSSELIN G2, the fastest and most flexible solution!

Maintaining a network of contacts outside the province and the country is burdensome for a company. Our bilingual team, with its resources dedicated to logistics, can help you achieve your goals and take advantage of opportunities without making costly mistakes. We can work in partnership with you by suggesting markets to sell your production, or we can simply purchase it and take care of selling it.

Our actions are always tailored to your requirements and expectations. We’re here to help you and give you peace of mind!

GOSSELIN G2 takes things into its own hands to help you stay focused on your daily obligations. Our team is experienced in document management and minimizes disruptions and costs by ensuring compliance with interprovincial and international regulations. Furthermore, it monitors and supervises every shipment until it is delivered to its final destination.

Contact us anytime for a confidential exploratory meeting—no prior commitment necessary.