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Tailored solutions, endless possibilities!

It goes without saying that being a grower is very demanding and skill-intensive work. The challenges are considerable, and unlike in most industries, several key determinants for productivity and profitability are external to the company and demand continuous, undivided attention. That’s what makes agriculture so unique, and it explains why growers spend most of their time in the field.

Although operations are critical to the success of a company, good yields alone don’t guarantee longevity. You need a clear vision. You need to be able to create value for your customers, improve processes through innovation and have a strong awareness of what sets you apart, all while optimizing your allocation of financial and human resources.

Of course, it’s not always possible to have a team with a diverse skillset to support your efforts and decision making in a timely manner. Or should we say, it WASN’T always possible—since now, you can make our network of expertise work for you. With GOSSELIN G2, the possibilities are endless, just like the solutions.

Let GOSSELIN G2 be your partner. Thanks to our understanding of agricultural issues and our multidisciplinary team, we can provide invaluable production, marketing and administrative support. We work with your team to develop creative, comprehensive solutions tailored to your business reality.

Better yet, we can also support you in obtaining new leverage, sharing risk and even preparing various contractual or financial documents for your transactions.

You won’t find a better partner to face the challenges of today and tomorrow with you.

Contact us to discuss your situation and your projects in the utmost confidentiality. We have concrete solutions and solid references!

Comprehensive expertise

Overall planning of your production with consulting services

Procurement of quality seeds and techniques to prioritize for soil enrichment

Agronomic expertise

Monitoring stored batches

Planning transport and shipping logistics

Access to administration and finance resources and marketing management