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Growing success, one potato at a time

GOSSELIN G2 is a genuine family business specializing in chip potatoes. Nowadays, the company is led by Pierre Gosselin, son of founder Fernand Gosselin.

What a long way the company has come since its early days, in the mid-1960s, when a humble fresh fruit and vegetable dealer became LES PATATES QUÉBÉCOISES. After just a few years in business, the ambitious Mr. Gosselin left the city of Québec and crossed the river to settle in Saint-Romuald. Success quickly found the visionary entrepreneur and his business, which became known as a provincial leader in the field of fresh potatoes and potatoes for the chip industry. More than 20 years later, Fernand Gosselin accepted a purchase offer and transferred ownership of his creation. This was to be a well-deserved retirement, but it turned out to be little more than a short break. Many of his loyal industrial customers, who were temporarily unable to source their raw material, turned to him for help and motivated him, some years later, to return to the field.

And that’s how he got going once more!

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Our customers are partners, and our employees are teammates

Our world is changing rapidly, and the agri-food industry is not immune to challenges or to having to take a hard look at itself. We need to be agile, and our corporate structure is built accordingly.

At GOSSELIN G2, our customers are partners, and our employees are teammates. We listen to these two groups to continuously improve our methods and anticipate needs as well as expectations. Creativity is a value we prize, as are integrity and respect.

We also believe in the authenticity of our human and business contacts as well as in the benefits of enthusiasm, both at work and in our personal lives.

GOSSELIN G2’s offer to potato chip companies and potato growers is simple: action rather than reaction.

Because when it comes to agricultural production, from the time you start enriching the soil to the time a standardized product is delivered to the processing plant, relying only on Mother Nature’s benevolence and people’s good intentions to achieve success is likely to be a quick recipe for disaster.

If you want to achieve excellence, nothing should be left to chance! At each stage of the production chain, you have to anticipate, monitor, be proactive and cultivate business intelligence. At GOSSELIN G2, that is precisely what has motivated our every move and each of our investments for decades. It’s also why we focus on research and why creativity is one of the values we hold dearest in all of our departments.

Our primary mission is to provide peace of mind by offering an integrated solution with innovative methods to both potato growers and buyers, whether in Quebec, Canada or the United States. At each stage of the process, from sowing to storage and transport, including managing the inherent logistical challenges, we are a reliable, agile and responsible partner.

And above all, we are successful because our business relationships are cemented by transparency, promise keeping and enthusiasm.

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CEO and Production Manager

Pierre Gosselin 1 855 878-5152, ext. 24


Executive Director

Marjolaine Dionne, MBA 1 855 878-5152, ext. 25


Finance Director

Sébastien Michaud, CPA, CA 1 855 878-5152, ext. 27



Mélissa Gosselin, CPA, CMA 1 855 878-5152, ext. 30


Transport Coordinator

Michael Boulianne 1 855 878-5152, ext. 23


Agricultural Technicians

Audrey-Anne Tassé-Cyr 1 855 878-5152, ext. 26

Sandra Dufour 1 855-878-5152 ext. 26


Administrative Technicians

Mélanie Arsenault 1 855 878-5152, ext. 29

Myriam Giguère 1 855 878-5152 ext. 21